Best Time To Visit The Taj Mahal

Pretty much as there’s no such thing as "a terrible time to live", there's no such thing as "awful time to visit" a standout amongst the most luminous and a great miracle of the world – the Taj Mahal. Whatever be the time, the Taj won't stop spreading its appeal and eminence and will keep on being as luminescent as ever. Yet, as a visit in the months of summers requires a high tolerance to hold up under the scorching heat, the period between the cooler months; October to March, is by and large considered a best time to visit the Taj Mahal.

Having said that, realize that the brilliance of the Taj is essentially astonishing, and changes with each passing hour, mirroring an alternate emanation in various seasons. Likewise, the visual excellence of the Taj is at its crest during dawn and under the full moon at nightfall.

The Taj Mahal at Sunrise

Looking at the sun ascend from under the ocean of sky is an incredible sight, and what preferred approach to experience it over to watch it assume its position up there while you stand on the premises of one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It’s a momentary joy when the magnificence of the dawn and the Taj come full circle together to make for some amazing pictures of the Taj, as it changes from delicate dark and pink to a delicate red gleam.

The Taj Mahal at Sunset

Subsequent to sparkling its wonderfulness, as the day progresses, when the sun moves down the stairway of the sky and prepares to bid farewell to the world, it plays its last trap in the book by loaning the Taj an alternate appearance with the shades of searing yellow being changed into delicate intriguing orange and lastly shifting to pearl white once more, until the full moon sets itself up to travel with the Taj through the night-time, while astonishing the world with its calm superb tastefulness.

The Taj Mahal under Full Moon Night

By the nightfall, when the full moon is high up in the sky, the magnificence that the Taj exhales is past the extent of words. A silver gleam that assumes control of the Taj is mesmerizing to the point that the majority of the things you’ll see after that will feel obsolete. This breathtaking transaction of hues as the day progresses through to night, typically suggests the nearness of God, who is never spoken to in the human form.

The best time to visit the Taj would be just before the dawn or dusk. Night viewing is permitted on the full moon night, two days before it and two days after it. Tickets should be reserved a day in advance.

Hence, the best months to visit the Taj Mahal is between October and March.