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It's been said that when Taj Mahal saw the first light of day, the precious, semi-precious, and different ornamental stones it was embellished with would shine so brightly as though the stars themselves came down to rest in its radiant eminence. There were close to 28 kinds of precious and semi-precious stones and embellishment that were engraved into the Taj as an integral part of its inlay work.

Furthermore, as per the 'burglary in Taj Mahal' myth that reigned through centuries, particularly during the British era, a significant number of the semi-precious and precious stones that were initially a part of the Taj disappeared in the later years. While, there was no doubt that these jewel stones were extracted from the Taj, the robbery of various other structural things is just a legend.

Here are a few legends of the infamous Taj Mahal burglary

Things that were evident to have been stolen from the Taj

It was towards the end of nineteenth century that the legislature under the appeal of British Viceroy Lord Curzon requested a repossession undertaking that was finalized in 1908. Albeit a number of the precious stones that were stolen couldn't be put back and whatever could be were restored to their original place. A huge light, the light that is said to never go out is set within the assembly hall of the Taj Mahal. Legend has that the design was to the likes of the one seen at the Cairo Mosque in Egypt.