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The Damage

The Myth of the Damage after completion of the Taj Mahal

Among all the other interesting myths and legends associated with The Taj, there is one that is most peculiar. This legend tells the story of the skilled labourers who while were still amazed by what they had built with their own hands, had to pay a very heavy price for their brilliance – their precious hands. But the question that arises is why? Whatever is left of this article will shed some light on what happened during that period, or rather what according to the myth may have happened after the Taj was built. While this may also be a very simple straightforward story, it manages to ignite a spooky feeling almost every time one hears this fable. And despite the fact that the legitimacy of this myth may be questioned, the myth has been prevalent across centuries and does adds an ounce of riddle to the marvel of The Taj.

It did take over 20,000 people and 22 years to build it. As per the myth, it is trusted that ShahJahan requested the hands of the skilled labourers and artisans who built the Taj Mahal to be cut off after its completion – the only explanation that one hears is that he did not want anyone to ever be able to build such a marvel as one like The Taj. Another myth states that the artisans and labourers who worked on the Taj were reputed to have had their hands cut off after they completed the Taj so as to prevent them from building another marvel as such.

Besides the cutting off of hands, it is also believed that ShahJahan commissioned that all labourers and artisans who were integral to the construction of the Taj to be blinded – the explanation given for this was that ShahJahan did not want that they ever get a chance to witness another marvel or even help assemble one to the likes of the Taj Mahal. A significant number of the antiquarians have stated that this loathsomeness story is false. They have unmerited it and stated that there are no records or proof to have been found that claims the likelihood of this occurrence in those days. That said, regardless of these myths being unmerited, they did figure out a way to spook out every other person who hears this story.