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A Day at the Taj Mahal

Most of you must have read or heard stories about the Taj waking up to the paleness of the sky as dawn breaks. The sight is such as though the Taj just may have just plummeted from a different world, and that is precisely it!

The Taj Mahal is paradise exemplified! Be it its delicate pink hue at the break of first light or the searing yellow hue it reflects when the sun is setting; the Taj offers its onlookers with a spectacular sight to marvel at, despite a standalone experience; not to be compared with the perfect white brilliance that it exudes during the evening.

Time permitted at the Taj Mahal

Visitors are allowed a sightseeing period of just half an hour within the main tomb area of the Taj. Its exteriors and other monuments that surrounds it can be visited all day long (during opening hours only). What's more, there's so much to see and wonder about that even an entire day would seem too less. You would crave for more. Since there is no restriction on the time you can spend at the complex, you may stay there the whole day and let your eyes feast at the wonder of the Taj Mahal.

That said, the Taj is at its most charming and calm disposition during early mornings. What you’d see is a misty layer that blankets the Taj giving it a delicate red sparkle. As its endless marble surface comes under a shadow or mirror the sun, its mood changes almost instantly- from a delicate yellow to a silvery cream and then a shimmering pearly white hue; the view is worth your while. This play of different shades with the change in the sunlight is an enlivening appearance of sorts that typically suggests the nearness of Allah, who is never spoken of or manifested in human form.

The Taj Mahal and its diverse state of mind

The varying moods of the Taj Mahal shift from first break of the day to nightfall. The Taj Mahal looks its smooth pearly best when the delicate light of dawn touches it, early morning. As the sun makes its way through to noon, the Taj takes on a different mood exuding a vibrant rosy-pink hue. By the time the sun moves further to the west and evening sets in, the Taj showcases its brilliant orange, and then shifts to a shimmering ivory-white under the moonlit sky during nightfall.

The various reflections of the Taj resembles that of a gem when it is put up against the light against the obscure blue of the horizon. Under the moonlit sky is when you almost feel the Taj coming to life and romancing the stars and the moon. Such simplicity and yet the sheer brilliance of its articulation cannot be explained in words – one must experience this with the naked eye to believe it.

Any visitor who has had the opportune to view the Taj Mahal has left staring at its magnificence, and admiring its ethereal beauty that is unbelievably genuine. A view of the Taj on a full moonlit night is a rare experience. Its dome most bright under the moonlit sky while other parts of the structure, though isolated, reflect their share of brilliant hues - the entire appeal is most profound and immortalized. The columns of cypress trees balance along the green rug of grass that complete the canvas with the Taj as its central masterpiece, gleaming in imperial poise.

Impressions of the Taj by Rabindranath Tagore

The Taj Mahal, for which even the River Yamuna is said to have been redirected its course, can best be portrayed in the expressions of Noble Laureate, Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. According to Tagore, the Taj is like a teardrop on the face of infinity. It is no surprise that this structure was chosen by experts as one amongst the world's most beautiful wonders.

Photography at the Taj Mahal Complex

Still photography is permitted within the premises of the Taj Complex (no charges are applicable), aside from the primary mausoleum. Video-making is permitted up to a certain area within the complex for a charge of INR 25/- for using one video camera. Professional video-making or shooting inside the Taj complex is not permitted unless one has a written permit signed by the relevant authorities of the Archeological Survey of India.

For such special permits, you can visit;

The ASI Office
22 at Mall Road in Agra
Phone numbers:(+91)(0562) 222 72 61 | 2227263
Fax number: (+91)(0562) 2227262

Mobiles are permitted for use within the complex, though one is required to keep it in silent mode. Guests are also instructed to read and follow the Do's and Don'ts before entering the complex. Visitors can buy tickets from the western and eastern gate entry, or from the southern door, which remains open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Facilities at the Taj Mahal Complex

Facilities like cloak room are available at all the three gate entry points, you can access drinking water at eastern and western gate entrances, open restrooms are available on both sides of the main passageway, and a video locker room can be found inside the main passageway where guests can store their video camcorders safely.

Agra is a standout amongst the many prominent tourist destinations in the world owning to the Taj Mahal – a labour and symbol of love. Visitors who are shopaholics and enjoy shopping or even trinket purchasing can visit the shops and markets situated close to the Taj complex – the area is also known as the Shilphaat in Shilpgram, which is just about 750 meters from the eastern entry gate of the Taj Complex. At these shops, you can purchase genuine products at sensible prices, but be aware of fraud touts who will convince you that product is genuine when it is not. It is advisable to buy from an authorized gem dealer of repute to avoid any unwanted situation.

The Taj complex has a historical center which remain open between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Ticket for this center can be obtained at the booking counter or the museum exhibition hall. With all facilities and conveniences set up for visitors, and in particular, the awesome view of the Taj Mahal, it'd be an experience worth remembering. Come and spend the day at the Taj!