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The Legend of Taj Mahal's Name

In spite of the fact that its name has been being used for whatever length of time that one can recollect, no one very knows how the name of this lovely monument came to be The Taj. The myth of the 'Name' of the Taj states different speculations with reference to how this monument of affection got its name as The Taj. Some trust it to have been started from Persian dialect while others trust that it was named after the wife of ShahJahan, Mumtaz Mahal.

There's another arrangement of hypothesis that connections the name of the Taj to a Hindu Temple and that it was seized over by the Moghuls and the sanctuary was supplanted by The Taj. Albeit a number of the scholars and history specialists esteem these odds and ends of information to be unjustifiable, as no genuine confirmations for them have yet been given, the myths and the legends simply don't appear to get enough of the buildup and proceed to live and spread like an infection.

One of the legends is that the name "the Taj Mahal" is gotten from the Persian dialect, the dialect talked in Moghul court. In Persian, the word Taj implies Crown and the word Mahal implies spot or territory. In blend, the word The Taj pretty much signifies, "Crown Place" or "Place of the Crown". Another of the myths behind the name of The Taj is that the monument is named after the wife of ShahJahan, its organizer.

Initially named as Arjumand Banu Begum, she was later titled as Mumtaz Mahal, signifying "Crown of the Palace". What's more, The Taj should be a shorter form of Mumtaz Mahal. Still another legend says that The Taj name was derived from the name of a Lord Shiva Temple - "Tejo Mahalya." It is said that the sanctuary was assumed control by ShahJahan and afterward redesigned as the Taj.