The Taj Mahotsav

Celebrating the Tah Mahotsav in Grandeur

The Grand 'Taj Mahotsav' is being commended effectively since 1992 in Agra in the month of February for ten days, from February 18 – February 27. It is organized by the Department of Tourism, Government of India to devote to the advancement of nation’s rich workmanship, heritage, tradition, and art & craft, cuisine, culture, and performing arts (dance and music.)

Where is it celebrated?

Indeed, the Taj Mahotsav serves as an affirmation to the specialists and examples of Pan-India craftsmanship, performing arts, culture, and exotic cuisine that India is famous for. An expansive number of Indians and local sightseers visiting Agra partake in this celebration of multi-features. The venue of the celebration of Taj Mahotsav is Shilpgram, which is a short distance from the splendid Taj Mahal.

How is it celebrated?

The Taj Mahotsav celebration begins with a parade, including bejeweled elephants and camels, drum mixers, culture specialists and expert skilled workers. A noteworthy highlight of this celebration is the accessibility of awesome gems and artwork at the most genuine rates that are not sky-rocketed by high-support cost.

This parade is a push to reproduce the ones that were performed during the bygone era of the Moghuls. The wide range of artwork that are shown in the celebration have monstrous assortment, with more than 400 fanciful artisans from various parts of the nation that get a chance to showcase their unique skill and ability.

The range of artwork incorporates;

Moreover, guests get the chance to witness a section of the stupendous exhibitions by craftsmen from each alcove and corner of the nation. The quintessential folk dance and music will certainly put you in a trance, by emanating their charm and keeping you excited for the time span.

The Significant Attractions of the Taj Mahotsav

One of the significant attractions of the Taj Mahal Mahotsav in Agra is the Food Festival, where you can get a percentage of the most seasoned and the most wonderful indulgences from the locals of Uttar Pradesh and Pan-India – you get served a delectable array of Pan India cuisine from spicy chole bhature to crunchy samosas, delicious poori sabji, sweet gulab jamun, mouth-watering Lucknowi kebab, authentic South Indian dosa, soft Amritsari naan, spiced Hyderabadi biryani and many more.

All through the Taj Mahotsav, the guests can encounter the wealth of culture, heritage, traditional folk dance & music and many other delights from different districts of the nation in the way they were performed centuries ago. Besides, it has something for everybody in the family as when the grown-ups are occupied with expressions of the human experiences, creations, and cultural events, the youngsters also can entertain themselves with delightful food and fun, which includes different rides comprising of the wonderful thrill ride or the smaller ones such as train rides.

Coming February, come and be a part of the celebration and you're certain to return home with emotions that'll have a sense of wistfulness running through each vein of your body. Also, in case this doesn't do it, the fantastic visit to the Taj Mahal will do the needful.

Quick Information on the Taj Mahotsav