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The Taj was a Temple?

ShahJahan, having a place with the genealogy of the main Moghul Emperor Babur, fabricated Taj Mahal back in seventeenth century in the adoring memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. From that point forward, this epic monument of adoration has been awed at and attracting millions from over the world. What's more, right from that point forward, the myths and legends encompassing the Taj Mahal have developed complex.

One such legend has it that Taj Mahal was at one time a Hindu sanctuary devoted to Lord Shiva and known by the name of 'Tejo Mahalya'. The legend expresses that the sanctuary was seized by ShahJahan and was later adjusted as Taj Mahal. Indeed, even the name of Taj Mahal is accepted to be gotten from the name of the sanctuary Tejo Mahalya. Be that as it may, numerous students of history trust it to be part of fiction as opposed to history. However, what gave this hypothesis a push, we'll read in the accompanying part of the article.

Having impact in boosting this myth is a bit of information that history specialists suggest. The information, accepted to be a certainty by numerous states that Moghuls, during their standard in India plundered and obliterated numerous Hindu Temples. It is trusted that on the real estate parcel where Taj Mahal now stands was acquired by ShahJahan from the Rajput ruler Mirza Jai Singh and that a Hindu sanctuary by the name of Tejo Mahalya, devoted to Lord Shiva, remained here before Taj Mahal. One of the ardent adherents of the "Taj Mahal a Shiva Temple Myth" is Professor P.N. Oak, writer of "Taj Mahal: The True Story", a book distributed in 1965 that presented some intriguing arrangement of verifications and demonstrated an alternate story inside and out however was banned by the administration.

P.N. Oak expressed that Taj Mahal ought to be seen as a sanctuary royal residence and not as a tomb. He even goes ahead to say that Mumtaz Mahal is not in any case covered there. As indicated by him, every one of the records of the Taj Mahal is just instruments to shroud its actual cause. To demonstrate his case, he even recorded an appeal in the court for consent to tear open the cenotaphs and to tear down block walls in the storm cellar chambers to demonstrate his case. Nonetheless, his case was rejected by the court as no-nonsense confirmation was there to bolster the case. However, numerous scientists keep on believing in it and the legend lives on.