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Taj Mahal Timings and Ticket prices


Taj Mahal Complex Opening Hours:

Please note that the Taj Mahal Complex remains closed on Fridays and in the Ramzan month. It is open on other days.

Ticket Price

Taj Mahal Complex Entry Fee

Please Note:-

- No entry fee charged for children below the age of 15 (for all local, domestic and international tourists)
- An additional charge of Rs.200 will be applied for anyone who wants to visit the main mausoleum
- The Taj Mahal remains closed on all Fridays
- Tickets that are bought online get a discount of Rs. 5 per ticket for local/domestic tourist and Rs. 50 per ticket for international tourists

Where to buy a Taj Mahal ticket online?

The official website for buying tickets for the Taj Complex is and

Both domestic and international tourists can use the e-ticket booking system for touring the Taj Mahal Complex and other monuments in Agra.

Other Charges*:

Night viewing Charges for the Taj Mahal

Timings for night viewing of the Taj Mahal: Between 8:30PM and 12:30AM only
Duration: 30 minutes

Where to purchase the tickets from?
Archaeological Survey of India,
22 Mail Road, Agra, INDIA
Contact Number: 0562-2227263

Tickets are available for purchase 24 hours in advance

Batch limit allowed to view the Taj Mahal
Maximum people allowed are 400, divided in batches of 8 to 50 people each