A Night at the Taj Mahal

It doesn't make a difference what time it is at which you take a gander at the Taj; you know it will be an affair to remember, cherish and share. In any case, viewing the Taj on a quiet night when the moon is at its fullest sparkle is a momentous time. And you will enjoy it more if you watch it in silence.

After a view of the Taj at Night, you won't want to be hush by any means, until you've actually stalked and suggested every last individual in your sight to go visit the stunning Taj when after sundown. That is when beams of the moon illuminate the whole monument and loan it a delicate brilliant sparkle. The Taj Mahal looks so entrancing on a full moonlit night that you won't know how the night passed and the sun came to bathe it in shades of pink. Hold up no more to revere at the Taj shining like a chiseled precious stone under the moonlit sky. Experience it in person and book your tickets soon.

Timings for Night View of the Taj Mahal

In spite of the fact that until a couple of years ago, the night view of Taj Mahal wasn't permitted; however, in 2004 the legislature lifted the 20-year long boycott and took into account an underlying review for three months after which it was made perpetual. It is presently open 5 evenings in a month i.e. on the full moon night, two days before it and two days after it, with the exception of Fridays or the month of Ramzan. The night view of the Taj Mahal is open for four hours from 8:30 PM to 12:30 AM, for most extreme of 400 individuals per day isolated into eight groups of 50 individuals each for a time span of 30 minutes for each group.

Where to buy tickets for night-view of the Taj Mahal?

The tickets for the night view of the Taj Mahal can be obtained a day (24 hours) ahead of the date of the night at the Taj, from the booking counter situated in the office of the Archeological Survey of India, Agra Circle, 22 The Mall, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, any time between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM. The tickets can be crossed out at the above area on the same date of viewing before 1 PM with cancelation charges of 25% for every ticket. Visitors must reach Shilpgram, which is close to the Eastern gateway of the Taj Complex, 30 minutes before the planned night-view time printed on the ticket for security checks.