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A Night at the Taj Mahal

Time is just a small component in the larger scheme of things. Time has stood still the Taj, and eternity has taken over. The moment you lay eyes on the Taj, you’d already know that this is one love affair that will be remembered till infinity. You would want to cherish every moment that you spend at the Taj and share your experience with all; though be it with self or with anyone, the experience of the Taj will always be unique and different. That said, a night-view of the Taj is a quiet affair, as all you’d want to do is sit back, stare at it and get hypnotized by the sheer magnetic presence of this ivory-hued spectacle; You’d enjoy it to the fullest if you watch it alone, in silence.

After a night-view of the Taj, you wouldn't want to be silent until you've had the chance to tell your share of the Taj's night-viewing experience with every single person that you meet or get acquainted with. When the moon beam illuminates the mausoleum and loans its delicate brilliant sparkle, the Taj Mahal would look most captivating and put you on a trance, so much so that you wouldn't realize that the night has passed and the dawn would break in soon to bathe the Taj in its rose-pink hue. So, if you are one who truly wants to experience the Taj in its purest form and magnificence, hold back no more. Book your Taj night-viewing ticket soon and come to Agra to experience it in person.

Timings for Night View of the Taj Mahal

In 2004, the 20-year long boycotting of night-viewing of the Taj was lifted and the law took into account an underlying review for three months after which it was made permanent. The night view of the Taj is open to the public during five occasions in a month, which are during full moon, two days before it and two days after it, with the exception of all Fridays and the month of Ramzan.

The Taj can be viewed at night within a four-hour window between 8:30 PM to 12:30 AM. A maximum of 400 people are divided into 8groups of 50 people each and can view the Taj at night for 30 minutes per group.

Where can you buy tickets for viewing the Taj Mahal at night?

The tickets for the night view of the Taj Mahal can be purchased a day in advance from the booking counter situated in the office of the Archeological Survey of India at 22, The Mall in Agra Circle, any time between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

If you decide to opt out and want to cancel the night-view ticket of the Taj, you can on the same date of viewing before 1 PM and this will incur a cancelation charge (25% of the ticket amount) for every ticket.

Please note that you need to be at Shilpgram, which is close to the Eastern gateway of the Taj Complex, 30 minutes before the planned night-view time printed on the ticket for security checks and entry.